Shenzhen and Hong Kong Relationship by Carrie Lam


Carrie Lam on Relationship between Shenzhen and Hong Kong

Do not mind the GDP being overtaken by Shenzhen, and look forward to in-depth cooperation between the two places

According to news from Hong Kong Government News on October 12, the Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Carrie Lam led a delegation of the Special Administrative Region Government to Shenzhen in the afternoon to attend the 40th Anniversary Celebration of the Establishment of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone on the 14th.


Recently, the General Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the General Office of the State Council announced the "Implementation Plan" for the construction of a pilot demonstration zone in Shenzhen, and determined the blueprint for the new stage of reform and opening up. 

The goal is to become the core engine for the construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. Shenzhen's future development in the Greater Bay Area The lead role is more clear.


In an interview with Shenzhen Satellite TV on the 13th, Carrie Lam talked about the topic of "Shenzhen surpasses Hong Kong in economic indicators such as GDP".

 In this regard, she said that she didn't mind people always saying that Shenzhen's GDP has surpassed that of Hong Kong because she has confidence in Hong Kong's competitiveness, and she also has expectations for healthy competition and in-depth cooperation between the two places.


Carrie Lam is interviewed by Shenzhen Satellite TV

Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor said: "I don't mind people always saying that Shenzhen's GDP has climbed to the top of Hong Kong, because Shenzhen has a richer population and land than us.

 However, in the future development, I also hope that the central government will continue to give the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone some first steps. The pre-designed, ground-breaking, and innovative policies have enabled Hong Kong and Shenzhen to cooperate on a brand new platform."


Carrie Lam has confidence in Hong Kong Companies

Carrie Lam mentioned that she has confidence in people and companies in Hong Kong, because their competitiveness is strong and their adaptability is not bad.

 However, Hong Kong is currently constrained by land issues, coupled with a more complicated political environment, far more complicated than Shenzhen, and very affected by the external environment, which has caused some constraints on Hong Kong's current development.


She pointed out: "Hong Kong’s advantage stems from'one country, two systems', and the central government is unwavering in its policy of'one country, two systems'. 

Therefore, under'one country, two systems', Hong Kong and Shenzhen should find something that can enrich the'one country, two systems'. It can also give Shenzhen better opportunities for development. I think these opportunities exist."


Hong Kong and Shenzhen

When talking about the specific advantages of "one country, two systems," Carrie Lam said: 

"For example, because Hong Kong is under the protection of the Basic Law, we have the freedom of capital in and out, the freedom of currency exchange, the legal system in line with international standards, and a large number of professional services.

 Talents. These can be matched with the technological innovation capabilities and advanced manufacturing industries currently possessed by Shenzhen."


Regulations Amendment Disturbance in Hong Kong

Last year, Hong Kong experienced the "Regulations Amendment Disturbance." Outsiders worry that political and economic factors may cause some resistance to the integration of Hong Kong with other cities in the Greater Bay Area.


In this regard, Carrie Lam said: "In recent years, there has been a trend in Hong Kong that overemphasizes local culture, and there are some people who exclude the mainland and people from the mainland, but I think these are a small number of people. 

But these small people often act It has been expanded through social media or reports, so the mainland people are a little uncomfortable, that is why everyone is in the same country, and he will be treated impolitely when he comes to (Hong Kong) to travel."


But she believes that this situation can be reversed slowly through time. "Of course, the main job is here in Hong Kong. We need to stabilize the situation, and then through public education and school education, let our younger generation have a better grasp of'one country, two systems' and know more about what is best for their own development."


In the interview, Carrie Lam also laughed at herself: “Every time I go to Shenzhen, the leaders of Shenzhen care about me and even sympathize with me. 

Because it is said that you can do things by doing things, and in Hong Kong, Only with the spirit of facing up to difficulties and overcoming all difficulties can one thing be accomplished."


At the end of the interview, Carrie Lam mentioned the 2020 Policy Address. She said that Hong Kong has experienced more than half a year of the epidemic, which has severely hit all walks of life. Hong Kong's economy is expected to shrink by 6% to 8% this year, so the first thing to restore is confidence in Hong Kong's economic prospects.

Carrie Lam announced the postponement of the latest Policy Address

The recovery of Hong Kong's economy is inseparable from integration with the Mainland. 

"We must be backed by the policy support of the central government. As mentioned earlier, personnel exchanges and commercial activities between the two places can be resumed. Then the probability of our economic recovery is high. So in this regard, I am also fighting for the central government. It is also hoped that Hong Kong society will take advantage of this time to enhance some of its abilities, especially its ability to adapt after the epidemic."


It is worth mentioning that Carrie Lam announced on the 12th that it would postpone the latest "policy address" originally scheduled to be published in the Legislative Council of the SAR on October 14.


When meeting with the media on the same day, Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor said that the postponement of the "policy address" was because after a serious epidemic, everyone looked forward to Hong Kong's economic difficulties. 

Armed with this belief, I had already dealt with a series of measures and asked the central government for consideration and support. 

As these measures involve a very wide range, she will go to Beijing to participate in a coordination meeting of ministries and commissions in late October to determine whether relevant policies and projects can be supported.


She said that if this year’s policy address can include the central government’s support for Hong Kong’s development, it will be very helpful for Hong Kong citizens to restore confidence in the economy and inject new impetus into business activities. 

Therefore, she decided to postpone the release of the Policy Address. Announced before the end of November.


In 2018, Shenzhen's GDP exceeded Hong Kong for the first time. According to statistics released by the Census and Statistics Department of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government in February last year, Hong Kong achieved a GDP of 2,845,317 million Hong Kong dollars in 2018, equivalent to approximately RMB 2,400,098 million.

 According to official data released by Shenzhen, Shenzhen's GDP in 2018 was 2422.198 billion yuan. As a result, the total GDP of Shenzhen surpassed Hong Kong for the first time.


What is the value of Shenzhen's gross production?

In 2019, Shenzhen's gross production value was 2692.709 billion yuan. According to the pre-estimated data released by the Census and Statistics Department of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government in February this year, due to weak internal and external demand, Hong Kong’s GDP in the fourth quarter of 2019 fell by 2.9% year-on-year in real terms, and its annual GDP fell 1.2% in real terms. This is the first time the Hong Kong economy has experienced annual negative growth since 2009.

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