Anniversary Celebration Meeting Shenzhen SEZ


High-level central government’s birthday celebration in Shenzhen at least implies these four specials

On the 40th anniversary celebration of the establishment of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone was to be held in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province on the morning of the 14th. Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, President of the State, and Chairman of the Central Military Commission will attend the conference and deliver important speeches.


At that time, China Central Radio and Television Station and Xinhuanet will broadcast live broadcasts of the conference. Central key news websites such as People's Daily Online, CCTV, and China Net will be synchronized with new media platforms such as People's Daily, Xinhua News Agency, and CCTV News. broadcast.


A short report of 148 words, including electric heads and punctuation marks, immediately stirred up a festive heat wave in Shenzhen on the coast of the South China Sea.


The general secretary is really coming. A country holds a birthday party for a city.

People in Shenzhen have been looking forward to and discussing the topic for more than half a year, and finally have a clear "statement". It is not an exaggeration to describe the reaction of Shenzhen residents with a rushing report.


Although the news from Xinhua News Agency is short, the amount of information contained in it is extremely rich. As media people, we are also thinking about a question as we read the report: 

Why does the central government have such a high standard to celebrate Shenzhen’s birthday? 

What does it mean to say? 

The four specials are worthy of careful consideration.


Special arrangement

Use the words "Anniversary Celebration Meeting" as the theme of the event; release news to the whole country in advance; the top leaders of the party and the country attended and delivered important speeches; the main central media broadcasted live to the whole country.


Anyone who understands our country’s national conditions and politics understands that if these elements are brought together at the same time, it often means national standards, national events, that is, arrangements of the highest standards. 

Such arrangements are usually seen in major party and state celebrations and important events such as the 10th anniversary of the founding of the party and the founding of the country and the anniversary of the victory of the War of Resistance against Japan, or important celebrations and commemorative events related to Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan organized by our country, and related important foreign affairs activities.

 It is rare to see such an arrangement for every tenth celebration in a region or a city in China. Even at the 20th and 30th anniversary of the establishment of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, these elements did not appear at the same time. It cannot be said that the 40th anniversary celebration of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone is indeed a special arrangement.


Special Economic Zone of Shenzhen Anniversary

On the day before the announcement of the foregoing announcement, the General Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the General Office of the State Council issued the "Implementation Plan for the Pilot Comprehensive Reform of Building a Pilot Demonstration Zone of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in Shenzhen (2020-2025)".


At the same time, the main central media’s coverage of Shenzhen has heated up again recently. Xinhua News Agency's "Looking" magazine and CCTV's well-known column "Dialogue" recently launched an exclusive interview with Shenzhen Party Secretary Wang Weizhong. 

CCTV's "News Broadcast" broadcast a nearly 6-minute report on the evening of the 11th, introducing Shenzhen's first demonstration and high-quality The development of new heights can be regarded as an integral part of the "special arrangement".


Special Love

The party and the country celebrated the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone in such a high-level manner. It is needless to say that this reflects the special concern and love of the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as its core, and its special recognition of Shenzhen's development achievements.


In December 2012, General Secretary Xi Jinping praised "Shenzhen is the earliest special economic zone in our country, and also the most influential and best-built special economic zone."


If the reform and opening up is a magnificent epic written by the Chinese people under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, then the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone is undoubtedly the beginning and important opening of this epic, and it is even more of a colorful chapter of this epic.


Looking at the whole country and even the world, Shenzhen is indeed an extraordinary city. It is an ultra-large-scale modern and innovative city created by the Communist Party of China and built from scratch. It was built by 1.4 billion Chinese people and generations of special zone builders in just 40 years from a farmland and wilderness. 

Not only It is a city, but also a road. Such a human miracle should not be in Chinese history. It is also unique in the history of urban development in the world.


Forty years of magnificent waves, the Shenzhen miracle is the brilliant masterpiece of the Chinese Communist Party, the most powerful proof of the vitality of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and the most vivid embodiment of the "four self-confidence."


Shenzhen has gained recognition with its strength and performance, and repaid the care and love of the Party Central Committee and the support and help of the whole country with its contributions.


Special announcement

The central government solemnly celebrated the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone. On the one hand, it would like to congratulate and affirm Shenzhen’s 40 years of brilliant achievements; on the other hand, it would use Shenzhen, a window of reform and opening up, and a “landmark city” on this occasion.

 To make a number of important directional announcements at home and abroad. Through the development and achievements of Shenzhen, we can declare the significant institutional advantages and high-strength governance capabilities of the party and the country.

 Declare the vigor and vitality of socialism with Chinese characteristics and the Chinese road. Declare that we are not afraid of clouds and blinding our eyes, and continue to be firm. The determination to deepen reforms, expand opening up, and cooperate with the world for development.


After the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China in 2012, General Secretary Xi Jinping came to Shenzhen as the first stop of his inspection tour from Beijing, sending a strong signal to China and abroad that "reform will not stop and opening up will not stop".

 In 2018, on the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up, the general secretary visited Shenzhen again. He said: "I come to Shenzhen again and Guangdong again. We are here to declare to the world that China's reform and opening up will never stop!"


At this moment, people who are concerned about China's development and the future of Shenzhen are looking forward to the celebration on the 14th, looking forward to the important speech of the general secretary on the day of the celebration, and looking forward to China's new signal to the world.


Special expectation

The high standard of the central government is the "birthday" of Shenzhen at the age of 40. It also contains special expectations for Shenzhen. It is hoped that Shenzhen will be the first to demonstrate on the new journey of building a socialist modern country and continue to make due contributions to the overall development of the country. contribution.


40 years ago, when the central government decided to establish the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, Comrade Deng Xiaoping hoped that Shenzhen would "break a bloody road", break through the shackles of the planned economy and traditional rigid systems and mechanisms, and pave the way for reform and opening up. It should be said that Shenzhen lives up to expectations.

Today, after 40 years of development, my country's modernization drive is about to enter a new stage, that is, after completing the task of a comprehensive well-off this year, starting next year, we will embark on a new journey of comprehensively building a modern socialist country. 

This is the intersection of the two centennials we often talk about.


What role should Shenzhen play and what contribution should Shenzhen make in the process of moving towards the next century goal?

 In fact, the central government has special expectations. 

This expectation is to hope that Shenzhen will become a pioneering demonstration zone for socialism with Chinese characteristics, 15 years ahead of the country, that is, before and after 2035, it will become a visible, tangible, replicable, and popular socialist modern power.

The city model should not only compare shoulder to shoulder or even surpass the world-class benchmark cities, and become a "city ambassador" for the world to understand, perceive, and accept Chinese systems, Chinese roads, and Chinese culture.


Carrying this special expectation is certainly honorable, but more means mission and responsibility, higher development requirements, greater pressure and heavier burden.


From the first trial to the first demonstration, the mission continues, the same line, advances with the times, and hopes higher.

 For Shenzhen, in the face of the care and love of the Party Central Committee and the help and support of the people across the country, the best way to be grateful and repay is to continue to work hard and repay special love and special expectations with special deeds and special achievements. Let Shenzhen’s future development transcripts match the country’s standards for celebrating its 40th birthday.


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