Independence of Hong Kong Claim Fears Chinese Communist Government


Hong Kong independence elements are making Trouble again, and the Mainland will not Tolerate it: Chinese Puppet Media

In recent years, the issue of "Hong Kong Independence" has attracted attention and its development has become increasingly uncontrollable. During this period, the "Hong Kong Independence" rioters incited social chaos, staged violent demonstrations, and even beat up the police and smeared government departments. Everywhere. These "Hong Kong independence" elements have wandered to the edge of the law, breaking through the bottom line of morality time and time again, pulling Hong Kong's economy and politics into a downward track, and seriously affecting the normal life of Hong Kong citizens.


 Hong Kong Liberty Claimants Create Violence Chinese Embassy in UK

Not only that, according to the Global Times, on October 1, which is the National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival, which is celebrated by the people of the whole country, a total of more than a dozen "Hong Kong independence" thugs took the lead in making trouble and launching violence in front of the Chinese Embassy in the UK. The behavior, publicly posting the "Hong Kong Independence" slogan, was extremely bad and caused a great negative impact.


Carrie Lam says not to use violence to curb violence

Earlier, the Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Carrie Lam said that the SAR government would not "use violence to curb violence" and would continue to "stop violence and curb violence." We may hope that the whole society will work together to restore Hong Kong to normal soon.

 Regarding this sudden violent incident, the Chinese Embassy in the United Kingdom also issued a statement on its official website on the same day, sternly condemning the evil deeds of the "Hong Kong independence" elements, and resolutely curbing the "Hong Kong independence" thugs and dealing with the "Hong Kong independence" elements. We will never condone any illegal behavior.


Hong Kong independence thugs burned the national flag and acted despicably downstream

From the beginning of the First Opium War to the return of Hong Kong to the motherland in 1997, Hong Kong’s experience during this period is a great testimony to China’s step-by-step victory. However, in such a significant city, unbelievable things continue to happen. 

The "Hong Kong Independence" thugs openly burned the Chinese national flag and posted "Hong Kong Independence" slogans on the double festival day, and launched various riots, affecting people's hearts and acting extremely despicable.


Protesters ask China to Leave Hong Kong
Hong Kong Liberals

However, China will never condone the words and deeds of "Hong Kong independence" elements. A few days ago, the Chinese Embassy in the United Kingdom issued a statement strongly condemning the despicable acts of "Hong Kong independence" thugs who burned the national flag and ran into the embassy.

 The Chinese Embassy in the UK has also lodged solemn representations with the British police and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Development. Both parties fulfill their responsibilities and obligations and will surely bring the perpetrators to justice as soon as possible.


Resolutely curb Hong Kong independence thugs and safeguard the integrity of sovereignty

Facing the rampant "Hong Kong independence" mobs from time to time, China will not tolerate or condone, and resolutely defend the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the motherland. It is bound to strengthen legislation and use laws to punish the perpetrators. On the other hand, it strengthens propaganda against "Hong Kong independence".

To solve the problem at the root, strengthen the crackdown on "Hong Kong independence" from the perspective of the government and the law, and believe that a single spark can start a prairie fire. 

As long as the Chinese people are united, the "Hong Kong independence" forces can be fundamentally contained.


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