Chinese Media on Hong Kong Independence and Education Association

To protect Hong Kong independence teachers, the Hong Kong cancer "Education Association" must be eliminated: Chinese Media

Some time ago, a teacher at Mission Primary School in Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong, openly instilled "Hong Kong Independence Thought" in the classroom. After the incident was exposed, the Hong Kong Professional Educational Association did not ask whether it was right or wrong, and tried to protect the "Hong Kong Independence" teacher, and even spared no effort to criticize the SAR government. This is actually not something to be fussed about.


 Hong Kong stage of political performers

In Hong Kong, people from all walks of life are well aware of the "Hong Kong Education Professionals Association" that the "Education Association" has always been professional in "politics", not "education." And this time what happened at Xuandao Primary School in Kowloon Tong has naturally become a stage for their political performances, and they can also take the opportunity to make a fortune in it.

 Therefore, we have seen that the "Education Association" defends "Hong Kong independence" teachers and criticizes the SAR government's strange behavior.


HK Education Association took the opportunity to fish for oil and water

The Hong Kong Association of Educational Professionals took the opportunity to grab the oil and water in the "Kowloon Tong Mission Primary School Incident". We can see how it "assisted" the "Hong Kong Independence" teacher from the crime. One or two of them.



The "Hong Kong Education Professionals Association" established a foundation in January this year, called the "Education Association Litigation and Emergency Assistance Fund", and stated that the purpose of establishing this fund is to provide financial assistance to teachers who have been politically persecuted. . Then he said "righteously" that the "Education Association" will do its best to help the "affected" teachers and give them the strongest support.

Independence of Hong Kong
Hong Kong Independence


The beautiful words of the "Education Association" are very loud. However, we only need to be a little careful to find that the funds for the "Education Association Litigation and Emergency Assistance Fund" come from crowdfunding. As for the whereabouts of the funds after crowdfunding, no one is paying attention anyway, the "Education Association" will divide the funds internally.


The political stance of the Educational Association

In the past, the "Education Association" has always adopted a patronizing and conniving attitude towards "Hong Kong Independence" teachers. They usually say some loud and beautiful words to encourage "Hong Kong Independence" teachers and make them feel safe to rely on the "Education Association" mountain. It can instill "Hong Kong independence thought" into students as they please, and poison students.


What Chinese media says on Education Association of Hong Kong?

Once these "Hong Kong Independence" teachers have an accident, then the "Education Association" will come out to support and say some beautiful words for supporters to donate to crowdfunding, and take the opportunity to make a fortune. 

As for those "Hong Kong Independence" teachers who have had an accident, the "Education Association" will not do anything except support. The most important thing is to put money in the Education Association pocket.


The Education Association makes money by promoting the political stance of "Hong Kong independence" and corrupts the social atmosphere. It is a big cancer in the education sector in Hong Kong. The Education Association not only poisons tens of millions of students in Hong Kong, but also has a very bad influence on the reputation of Hong Kong teachers.


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