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Consumer Complaint Sample Draft before Consumer Forum 


Draft, Consumer Complaint Sample





With reference to the list of dates and the incidents cited therein I beg to sayeth that being victimized  by the ulterior motives or negligence or what so ever of ________ Vidyut Nigam Limited headquartered in _____, ______ by the way of their severing the electricity connection from the residential parental house at _____________________________ where I used to dwell, without serving any notice or without rendering bills several months prior to electricity disconnection, and refusal to reconnect without bills payment along with illegal additional charges informally so that no one can be resorted to for re-connection. 

The electricity connection could be only restored on 13/09/17 after payment of pending bills for which no prior bills or notice were served along with illegal charges and also illegal re-connection charge, which was to be done as a compromise as my father was hospitalized and was back after treatment on 11/09/17 and for his health electricity had to be restored.

Thus, the atrocities faced along with social dignity damage and financial loss and yet not relenting by Madhyanchal Vidyut Nigam Limited and abetment to make compromise and accept the illegal charges and atrocities for restoration of connection, due compensation is called forth.

RELIEF OR COMPENSATION SOUGHT (in Consumer Complaint Sample)

The amount of compensation sought is no less than Rs. 5,00,00,00,000 (Five Hundred Crore Indian Rupees) based on the following facts:-

1. Suffering caused: Suffering caused to the three member family consisting of Mr ____________ and his son and daughter viz. ______________________  who suffered trauma and got agonized for the tenor during the electricity remain  disconnected by the errant stafferes of _____ Vidyut Nigam Limited, __________

2. Atrocities and Illegalities: ______ Vidyut Nigam Limited unrelented despite several requests and complaints for restoration of the severed connection. Only after realizing illegal extra charges and re-connection charge that the connection was restored.

3. Disrepute to the family: The mass cannot be always aware of the motives and illegalities and about consumer rights and would stigmatize my family with the impression of a family without electricity connection in a metro city central urban region. Mr Darshan Mohan, who was dweller at the place is an advocate hence with the status of officer of the court and his image was maligned by the illegal acts of Madhyanchal Vidyut Nigam Limited.

Further, Mr. Jaya Vijaya is a Social Activist of global repute and electricity deprivation at his house brought him public indignity, yet for such a long time from 06/01/19 till 13/09/17 Madhyanchal Vidyut Nigam Limited was not amused, and it was only after giving in to their illegal stance of overcharge and illegal re-connection fee that the electricity connection was restored.

4. There were seven Information Technology based firms registered at the location of illegal disconnection for which operational and documentary activities were supposed to be carried out at that very place for smooth working. But the purpose of establishing and efficiently running these enterprises got defeated as proper preparation could be made due to electricity deprivation, and financial and credit status was marred, and hence further finance from all possible sources including banks and other Financial Institutions could not be secured promptly, as preparatory and functional activities were hurdled by electricity deprivation at the house, the upper floor of which was determined for the use for secretarial purposes. The damages caused to these seven IT (Information Technology) enterprises which are by nature of the enterprise sector were ultra high yield enterprises, hence even according to the lowest rough estimates extraordinarily high financial losses were also caused along with opportunities passing by. This way, right to livelihood which arises from the constitutional right to life and liberty also got a shot to some extent by the way of electricity deprivation attributable to the illegal misconduct by Madhyanchal Vidyut Nigam Limited, and then also not following the procedure for re-connection even if the fault was committed by them.

5. Severity of the Issue: Please refer to the FIR petition copy as attached with this petition which is self explanatory and reveals illegal misconduct of Madhyanchal Vidyut Nigam Limited.

Based on the above 5 points but not limited to, I pray on behalf of myself and my entire family that an award of compensation be made by the errant Madhyanchal Vidyut Nigam Limited, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh for Rs. 500 crores which accrues on them because of their illegal and illegitimate misconduct.


The consumer is generally naive and succumbs to the atrocities, hence there is need to establish ideal instances so that the consumer is enlightened and their faith is established in the legal system and the entire ecosystem is strengthened. thus, if the above purpose needs to be attained, due compensation to the law abiding citizen or consumer is inevitable.


Examples of electricity authorities' misconduct and damages caused by them to the consumer are given below:-

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