Fairness and justice a personal experience for People in China


Fairness and justice a personal experience for People in China

Justice, the lifeline of the rule of law. During the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" period, the political and legal organs defended social fairness and justice with strict and fair justice, and promoted the continuous and in-depth advancement of various reforms. The fair, efficient and authoritative socialist judicial system with Chinese characteristics has been continuously improved, bringing more sense of happiness and security to hundreds of millions of people, and constantly making fairness and justice our personal experience.


   Get rid of the stubborn diseases that hinder justice

  The time came in August of this year. Mr. Li, who was in a lawsuit for the first time, came to the Chengzhong District Court of Xining City, Qinghai Province. Under the guidance of the judge on duty in the court, he successfully filed the case on the spot through the mobile app.


   Start with the things that make the people satisfied, and start from the problems that the people are not satisfied with. Looking back on the "13th Five-Year Plan", the main framework of the "four beams and eight pillars" of judicial reform has been basically established. 

The barriers that hinder social fairness and justice can be effectively removed, and the sunshine of justice continues to shine into all aspects of people's work and life.


   The reform of the case registration system is immediate-courts at all levels have opened their doors where cases must be filed and litigation must be dealt with. The rate of on-the-spot registration has exceeded 95%.


The reform of the trial-centered criminal procedure system is fully rolled out-adhere to legally prescribed crimes, no suspected crimes, and evidence-based judgments, and strive to make the verdict of each case stand the test of history, and resolutely defend the line of defense against wrongful cases .


System reform has risen to the challenge-judges

   The post system reform has risen to the challenge-judges and prosecutors across the country have undergone a "reshuffle", with more than 120,000 judges and more than 90,000 prosecutors selected. The personnel are concentrated on the front line of case handling, and the quality and efficiency of case handling have been effectively improved.




   The "blade" is facing inward to overcome difficulties. Judicial reform is known as a revolution in the judicial field that touches the soul, bringing real "dividends" to the people.


The People's Court has tackled the "difficulties in enforcement", so that the legitimate rights and interests of successful parties can be more effectively fulfilled; the Supreme People's Procuratorate has deepened institutional "remodeling" reforms, creating a general layout of legal supervision with parallel functions in criminal, civil, administrative, and public interest litigation.

 Authorities use the standardized construction of law enforcement to enhance the credibility of law enforcement, and bring more convenience to thousands of households through the reform of "delegating control, delegating power, and improving services"


  In the new era, only reformers enter. On the road of pursuing fairness and justice and protecting the rights and interests of the people, the political and legal institutions are far from stopping.


Escort the healthy development of the economy and society

   The old man rode a bicycle and injured a child, and he died suddenly after he wanted to leave. Should the persuader be held accountable? At the end of 2019, the court pronounced a sentence on the “Sudden Death Case of Bumping and Injury of a Child Left”.


   By distinguishing right from wrong and adhering to the company law, we can punish evil and promote good. 

During the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" period, the political and legal organs paid more attention to the fair application of abstract law to each case, to realize the unity of individual case justice and class justice, legal justice and social justice, and continuously strengthen the people's confidence in justice. Faith in the rule of law.


Public experience of Law and order in China

From punishing the "old Lai" to promote the construction of a trustworthy society, to rectifying the "dominant seat" and "robbing the steering wheel of the bus" to establish a sense of rules. From handling cases of defending the honor and reputation of heroes and martyrs, to punishing the "fine Japanese" according to law, and preaching and beautifying the war of aggression Behavior...one by one vivid cases effectively establish social customs and condense the "energy and spirit" of the Chinese nation.


Kunshan Longge Case

   In 2018, the “Kunshan Longge Case” caused widespread concern in society. The public security and procuratorial organs determined that the party’s actions were legitimate defense and did not bear criminal responsibility.


   In September this year, the Supreme Law, the Supreme Procuratorate, and the Ministry of Public Security jointly issued guidelines on the application of the legitimate defense system in accordance with the law, with a clear-cut stand to encourage legitimate defense and defend the spirit of the rule of law that "the law cannot make concessions to the law."


   "Shoot when it's time to do it" is an excellent virtue that is widely respected in the traditional Chinese culture. Using the law to back up legitimate defenses has become a vivid portrayal of the rule of law and the rule of virtue that have complemented each other, and that fair justice maintains public order and good customs.


  The wind is clean, so I can start a business

   During the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, the political and legal organs increased the protection of property rights, and continued to release positive signals to the society for the comprehensive protection of property rights and entrepreneurs' rights in accordance with the law and equality, creating a good legal environment for the development of private enterprises, and allowing those with permanent property to have perseverance.


Since 2017, the People’s Court has corrected 190 criminal wrongful cases involving property rights through trial supervision procedures, 237 people. Procuratorial organs have continued to implement 11 procuratorial policies for serving the private economy, and ensured cautious arrests and prosecutions; judicial administrative departments have resolutely rejected random inspections, Multiple inspections, repeated punishments and other law enforcement discriminatory behaviors...


  The rule of law is the best business environment. According to the "Global Business Environment Report 2020" released by the World Bank, China's global business environment ranking has risen to 31st, ranking among the top 40 in the world. 

Among them, my country ranks No. 5 in the "contract execution" indicator for evaluating the quality and effectiveness of the civil and commercial judicial system and court work.


  Meet the people's higher demands for fairness and justice

   Can the litigation process be more concise? Was the dispute resolved smoothly? Inconvenient for the legal service party? In the era of the Internet and big data, the people have a higher demand for fairness and justice, and the political and legal organs urgently need to hand in their answers.


From the People’s Court’s efforts to promote the construction of a “one-stop” multiple dispute resolution and litigation service system, to the public security organ’s government affairs service “national service”, “one door service”, “one network service”, to the judicial administrative department building an integrated public Legal service platform.

 During the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" period, political and legal organs have continuously improved various capabilities in case handling, rights relief, and service provision, and used more humane and refined work and services to make the people more and more sophisticated. Direct sense of gain.


  In Changsha, Hunan, the grassroots courts set up litigation source management workstations in dispute-prone areas, striving to stop the contradictions in front of the "station" and relieve the people's worries at their doorsteps.


   In Dingyuan, Anhui, the procuratorial organs created a “one-stop” solution for juvenile cases for evidence collection, diversion, dispute resolution, and rescue, which not only effectively avoided secondary harm to minor victims, but also helped them repair their psychological trauma.


   In the Beijing community, the traffic police have changed from an "outsider" to a "family member", promoting the resolution of disorderly parking, poor order and other concerns around the masses.


  The new crown pneumonia epidemic strikes, how to ensure that "fairness and justice are not closed"?

Internet courts, "cloud case handling", "fingertip litigation"...Political and legal agencies have moved the main battlefield of case handling from offline to online. In the first half of this year alone, more than 3 million online cases were filed in courts across the country, and nearly 500,000 online courts were held. There were nearly 1.4 million mediations online.


   Integrating technology with the rule of law, political and legal agencies have been pushing digital and intelligent applications in recent years, and the "dividends" of innovation are constantly being released.


98% of courts across the country have initially established three-dimensional, intensive, and information-based litigation service centers. 

Procuratorial organs have built 12309 China procuratorial network, procuratorial service hotline, and procuratorial service center. 

Public security traffic management Internet service platform and 12123app have 340 million users, providing 1.31 billion times of online licensing service.



  The hope of the people, silk hair will flourish. The political and legal organs conform to the requirements of the times, respond to the expectations of the people, and accelerate the pace of reform, which will surely promote the improvement of judicial power operation mechanism, allow the people to feel fairness and justice in every judicial case, and create new glory in the construction of the rule of law in China.

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