Bizarre Acts and Laws of India


Special Bizarre Acts and Laws of India

1. The Indian Motor Vehicle Act of 1914 and Andhra Pradesh’s laws stipulate that to become a motor vehicle inspector in Andhra Pradesh, one must have clean teeth. As for people with skeletal deformities such as horoscopes, flat feet, or ribs valgus, don't even think about it.


Peculiar Laws and Acts in India


2. The "1934 Indian Aircraft Act" applies to Boeing airliners, and it is agreed to also apply to kites. That's right. According to the law, flying kites in India requires prior permission, because kites are also aircraft and must be approved like airplanes.


3. The 1898 Indian Post Office Act stipulates that only the government has the right to deliver letters from one place to another by post. Therefore, even flying pigeons is a violation of the Act. 

To circumvent the decree, Indian couriers refer to mailed letters as documents.


4. The 1959 Mumbai Prohibition of Begging Act (which has been adopted by many states, and Delhi adopted the Act in June 1960) stipulates that begging is prohibited. 

Beggars can be arrested without approval, sentenced without trial, or sent to shelters.


5. The Supreme Court of India stipulated that it is not allowed to arrest women during the period from sunset to sunrise. This is to prevent women from being harassed during this period. The police can only make an exception if they have obtained a written document explaining why women must be arrested during that time period.


6. According to the 1875 Indian Legal Age Act, women can get married at the age of 18, and men must wait until they are 21. But the bill allows men to __________ when they reach 18 years of age. This has caused the strange phenomenon of unmarried fathers.


7.  According to the 1911 Seditious Party Prevention Act, no more than 10 couples are allowed to dance on the dance floor at the same time.


8. According to Article 294(a) of the Indian Penal Code of 1860, if a person makes an "obscene act" in public and causes others to "discomfort or uncomfortable annoyance", he will face jail and or fine. But the code does not specifically explain what is "obscene or indecent behavior" and what is "discomfort or uncomfortable annoyance".

In addition, Article 309 of the law stipulates that _____ is legal, but the attempt to _____ is illegal, um.. That is to say, if the_____ succeeds, then you die ,_____Fail, you will go to jail. Also according to the Code, Part 497, a man who commits adultery with a married woman will be sentenced to up to 5 years in prison, while women are not applicable to the crime of adultery, so women in the crime of adultery will not be punished. (previously)


9. According to the "Indian Sarais Act, 1867" ("sarai" refers to those buildings or parts of buildings used for travelers to live or shelter, and can be regarded as "hotels"), anyone can request at any time Any hotel or hotel provides free drinking water for its or its pets, and can also use the restroom for free, without stopping.

According to this Act, if a guest in a hotel becomes ill, the owner of the hotel must report to the nearest police station. In addition, the bill also stipulates that hotel owners must remove poisonous plants near the hotel and other trees or vegetation that may be used by thieves to enter and leave the hotel.


10. According to the "Factory Act 1948", if you go to a factory, remember to spit the sputum into the spittoon, otherwise you will be fined up to 5 rupees.

 In addition, the factory owner must paint the wall white (color is not allowed), store the reference water in a clay pot (not other drinking fountains or purifier equipment), and put the sand in a red basket (used for fire fighting, not placed Fire extinguisher), the electricity must be calculated by horsepower (not kilowatts).

11.  According to the "1878 Buried Objects Act", if a person accidentally discovers a buried object worth more than 10 rupees (maybe 11 rupees in that era were considered treasures) and did not report it to the tax department, they would face jail. Disaster.


12. According to the "Bangladesh Bonded Warehouse Association Act 1838," property in a certain area of ​​Kolkata can only be sold to the East India Company, but the East India Company ceased to exist more than 160 years ago.


13.  According to the "Police Act 1861", the police must take off their hats and salute members of the British royal family. The problem is that these British royals no longer exist in India.


14. According to the 1949 East Punjab Agricultural Pests, Diseases and Poisonous Weeds Act, in Delhi, if a locust plague occurs, men over the age of 14 may be ordered to go to the streets to deworm them at any time. 

The government will use drums to summon people to go to the streets to drive insects, and if you ignore the drum calls, you will face a fine of 50 rupees or imprisonment for 10 days.


15. There used to be ordinances (such as the "1916 Punjab Prison Handbook", which is applicable in Delhi, Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh) prohibiting the wearing of the "Gandhi hat" (a kind of political symbol) in prisons. White cap) and black turban.



The bridge commentary: India's current legal system is not only deeply influenced by the legislation of the British colonial period, but also widely integrated with the content of Indian religious law.

 It is a common law or case law system with Indian characteristics. To a certain extent, the existence of these complicated and peculiar legal systems also has a certain restrictive effect on economic development. In addition to launching "Clean India", "Digital India", "Smart City" and "Made in India", the Modi government also hopes that Indian laws and regulations can be streamlined.

An unprecedented scale elimination of laws and regulations led by the Minister of Regulations of India is underway. We hope that those absurd and outdated laws and regulations will be eliminated, legislation will be streamlined, and efficiency will be improved, thereby benefiting investors in India.

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